How to Install Script on your website

How to Install Socialproofnow Script on your website

Log into your account and you will see to the top right a gray button that reads Install Script.

Click on that button and the next page will bring you to:

Install your Pixel

Copy and paste the following JS Code Snippet before the end of the of any website that you want to display notifications from us.

Go to the admin of your site.  This code will work on all platforms. 

You can view with this link: https://socialproofnow.com/portfolio-item/comp/

Place this code before the end of the of your site.  Then save changes.

Once this is done you can go back to socialproofnow.com

Test and check the results

Now the only thing left to do is to make sure to access your website ( clear cache ) and get back to us for confirmation. 

In the meantime you can go back to the dashboard page of socialproofnow.com and click on CREATE CAMPAIGN to add your domain.


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Last updated on: 9 July, 2021