How to Set Up Countdown Collector Notification

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Title Message

Give your notification a Title by typing in field provided.

Description Message

Give your notification a Description Message by typing in field provided.

Content Title

Letting the visitor know that there is a time limit on this offer

Input Placeholder

This is where the visitors valid email will go.

Button Text

What the action you want the visitor to take - ie, Sign UP

End Date

When the offer is ending.  You can set the time in the field provided

Show Agreement 

There is an ON or OFF button.  Do you want to display a members agreement/privacy policy for your visitors.

Require the user to confirm his agreement by ticking a checkbox.

This is the small box that the visitor has to check for themembers agreement/privacy policy

Agreement Text

What do you want the text to read, ie. I read & agree the Privacy Policy

Agreement URL

The URL for the agreement once the visitor checks the box to agree.


You can leave Trigger on all pages to ON which will show the notification on all of the pages of your website.  If you turn it to OFF then you can customize a specific page or pages.

When the trigger is set to OFF you have the option from the drop down menu under:

Display Trigger

Delay - At what time do you want the notification to start showing to engage the visitor that has entered your site.  This starts in seconds and you can type a number or use the scroll arrows to set that time.

Exit Intent - If the visitor goes to exit your site by closing the browser you can have the notification display to give them a special message or deal for your product or service.

Scroll Percentage - If the person scrolls down the page you have the option to set the notification to show starting at 5% and up of the scroll bar.

Display notification once per session

You have the option for ON or OFF -A visitor session is cleared once the browser is closed. 

Display on small screens

You have the option for ON or OFF - Whether or not to display the notification on when pixels available are smaller than 768px. 


Display Duration

How many seconds to display the notification or for how long to you want the notification to display.  You can type in a number in the field provided or use the scroll arrows.  Set -1 to display forever.

Display Position

Where do you want the notification to display on your page for the visitor.

We offer different areas on the page.

You have a Drop down menu for positioning:

Top Left 

Top Center

Top Right

Middle Left

Middle Center

Middle Right

Bottom Left 

Bottom Center

Bottom Right

Display Close Button

This is if you would like to have an X on the notification for the visitor to close the notification

Display Branding

If you are an Enterprise member you will have your branding (website URL) on the notifications.  If you are not an Enterprise member the notification will

display our branding (website URL)   You have the option to turn this ON or OFF.


You can make changes to the color of the title, description, background, button, and

button wording all by just clicking on the color bars and choose the color, and click save.  The colors will instantly change.

Border Radius

You can choose from the drop down:




Border Width

Value from 0 to 5 for the border width of the notification.

Border Color

You can change the border color if you chose to have one by clicking on the color bar, choose the color, and click save.

Display Shadow

This is a drop shadow around the notification that shows prominently when the notification background is white.

You can Enable or disable the shadow around the edges of the notification.

Entrance Animation

How do you want the notification to enter on your site.

Choose from the drop down menu:

Fade In

Slide In Up

Slide In Down

Zoom In

Bounce In

Exit Animation

How do you want the notification to exit the site.

Choose from the drop down menu:

Fade Out

Slide Out Up

Slide Out Down

Zoom Out

Bounce Out


Send caught data to external sources - This is an ON/OFF button


A webhook is set up to capture the date for this notification, the email address. How do you want to capture it. The webhook will have the info sent directly to your email provider.  You can search online for webhooks that pertains to your provider.  For example, if you are using Aweber you can do a search online for Aweber webhooks and you will find the developer page for that. You can also check your email provider for this info or call them.

Leave empty to disable this field. If you are not going to use a webhook.


If the webhook is too complicated you can have the visitors email sent to your email address.  You just have to put your email in the field provided.

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Last updated on: 9 July, 2021